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#aatod2021 Conference Chair

Dear Colleagues, Patients, Advocates, Stakeholders and Friends:

I wanted to take the time to express my gratitude for the support and to share my journey in preparation of the first AATOD Virtual Conference. What a journey this has been! Preparing for a conference during a dual healthcare crisis (opioid epidemic and COVID-19 pandemic), as well as, adapting to a new normal required commitment, focus and determination, to name a few. However, the support I received from the Dr. Adelson and the Sands Corporation, our State Representatives, especially Dr. Stephanie Woodard and Kim Riggs, the Committee Chairs, our NOTA providers, the AATOD staff and Talley Management made the preparation for this state-of-the-art conference available for you.

I will admit when the global pandemic surfaced and the decision to move to a hybrid model, initially shifted my enthusiasm; but what could I/we do? I adjusted my attitude and refocused my attention in preparation for the next steps. Then…..suddenly the rates of infection for the coronavirus continued to rise, as well as, the number of deaths and our nation shut down. Now what do we do? Well, as many of you may know or not know, Mr. Mark Parrino is unstoppable!!! His unwavering dedication to ensure that the AATOD conference continued as scheduled, therefore, making the final decision to offer a full virtual conference. Albeit, this is the first all virtual AATOD conference, it will still provide you with a virtual forum with unparalleled opportunities to enhance your knowledge, as well as, learn from leading clinicians, medical directors and colleagues from the nation and other countries. Our conference theme “Forging Partnerships to Improve Access to Quality Care”, undoubtedly reflects what is happening in our world.

For many this may be your first opportunity to attend/participate in an AATOD conference, therefore, I hope you take advantage and register today. The AATOD conference remains the largest gathering for the opioid treatment community, therefore, you will have the opportunity to network with your peers andlearn about the exciting work that is happening both nationally and internationally.

I look forward to seeing you in our virtual rooms.

Thank you,

Dinita Smith, MSW, LCADC
NV AATOD Board Delegate


#aatod2022 Conference Chair

Are you sick of staring at the same grid of faces on your computer screen all day? Does re-arranging your home office furniture no longer make one day seem different from another? Are you looking forward to meeting old friends and professional associates with a handshake and (can you imagine) even a hug? Well, start getting excited for the 2022 AATOD conference, to be held in Baltimore, Maryland in October, 2022! Just imagine being part of room packed full of eager learners listening intently as an international expert describes an innovative model that you would love to integrate into your own setting. Then after the day’s meetings have ended, consider how wonderful it will be to pull an extra seat up at a table of (unmasked) colleagues at a waterside restaurant, eating Baltimore crab cakes while watching boats cruise around the harbor. Planning is now underway, so be on the lookout for future notices about the 2022 AATOD conference in “Charm City.” We’ve all learned this past year how important innovative care delivery, progressive science-based public policy, and a skilled workforce can be. After the wonderful experience of this 2021 conference has passed, anticipate registering for the 2022 AATOD conference, where you will hear it all, where we will gather and learn from each other, discuss how we can work together to move the field forward, make lasting connections, and have great fun.


Kenneth Stoller, M.D.
MD AATOD Board Delegate


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